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More Than You Know

Exhibited: as part of On The Wall at Hung Up in Nottingham, 2018

at Free Range The Old Truman Brewery in London, 2018

at New Art Exchange, 2018

More Than You Know is a constellation of images continuing on from The Lost Years. Developing my exploration of cultural identity, I traveled to Kuwait, where my paternal extended family reside. My last visit was in 2007, since that time my paternal Grandparents passed away, altering the connection I had with the country; providing me with a different perspective to focus on, how do we connect with a place? Through its people or the land itself?

The second I stepped foot into my Grandparent's dusty apartment, I knew things were different. I spent the rest of the period exploring the country with my family, learning about Kuwait's history, meeting cousins I had yet to meet and reuniting with aunts and uncles I hadn't seen since my last visit. The series of images I produced focused on family members and moments of bliss and beauty through landscape, objects and architecture. Moments of contentment and curiosity; presenting my perception of my place in the world and where I situate myself amongst a range of people, cultures and religions.

Throughout the production and research development, I spent time observing and analysing how and why we present ourselves in a particular way. We question our identity and try to resonate with one label to make sense of it, yet we forget how it is a combination of people, moments, experiences and things that make us who we are.

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